AFT is a young and passionate company that saw its start in 2012 as a result of like-minded entrepreneurial partners. Our founders came together excited to explore the power of integration solutions and the possibility to connect countless businesses. From the start this vision has guided our company to continually shape new technological frontiers.

Today we are driven by developing talent and bringing together professionals to expand the positive impact AFT can have on a growing community. Our emphasis on pursuing a global network has kept our perspective fresh, allowing us to create software that serves today’s business needs and creates room for long-term potential.

Our mission is to embrace talent, great ideas, and values so that we can grow stronger as a company and with our partners. We’re committed to the belief that employees and partners alike can contribute in building entertaining and intelligent products that keep audiences excited to see what comes next.

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No matter where you find us, our company culture - one of diversity, professionalism, passion, and heart - has a presence around the world.

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